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We’ve implemented new safety protocols at our office. You can view them here.

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New COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The Vue Therapy Team reserves the right to ask any person to leave the clinic if they are not able to comply with the precautions on this list. 

What are we asking of you, our patients and anyone else entering the clinic: 

- Please make sure you and those in your household​ ​are healthy and not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19; if you are experiencing symptoms, please contact the clinic to cancel your appointment

- If you or a member of your household is immunocompromised please indicate before your appointment to ensure we are aware of this

- Complete and submit the COVID-19 questionnaire that was sent to you prior to your appointment no more than 24 hours before your appointment

- Ensure you have masks available for all the people who are planning to enter the clinic as everyone is expected to wear a mask (cloth is acceptable) inside the building

- All patients will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the clinic

- All patients will be required to sanitize their hands before and after use of the bathroom

During Appointments: Doctor’s Appointments: 

- Appointments will be booked to ensure as little patient-to-patient interaction as possible

- Some contact may be necessary during an appointment, (especially a doctors appointment)

- During the appointment please sit where indicated and listen to the doctor/therapist for further​ ​directions

Vision Therapy Sessions: 

- Appointments will be booked to ensure as little patient-to-patient interaction as possible

- During the appointment please sit where indicated and listen to the therapist for further directions

- You will be asked to​ ​sanitize your hands frequently, especially before and after an activity

- We require that you bring your vision therapy equipment bag to each vision therapy appointment as we will be using the items throughout your session to prevent cross-contamination

What are we doing to keep our patients safe? When you enter the clinic: 

- You will be asked the questions in the COVID-19 questionnaire again (and once more as you enter the Doctor’s exam room), as per the regulations from the College of Optometry

- Your temperature will be taken at the door

- Please have your mask on so we can ensure proper fit before you enter the clinic

- You will be asked to sanitize your hands

Restrictions within the clinic: 

- The front doors of the clinic will be locked at all times to control the flow of patients in and out

- We are limiting the number of people allowed in the clinic at one time; this means limiting to essential staff only and asking you to only bring one caregiver/companion to appointments; please no siblings or unnecessary children

- We will be closing all waiting areas and restricting access to some parts of the clinic

- Bathrooms will be available for use, but they will be kept locked so we can clean them between uses

- Any unnecessary items (stuffed animals, toys, etc.) should not be brought into the clinic

Payment Protocol: 

- We will not be accepting debit/cash payments at this time

- You may add a credit card to your file so we may process your payment  electronically via our Jane program

-We will be issuing your receipt electronically at this time

Check-In Protocol: 

- Doctor’s appointments will enter through the main vestibule door

- Vision therapy Sessions will enter through the emergency exit at the front (it will be indicated)

- Please line up in our staging area the​ ​tape on the ground​ ​next to your initials on the whiteboard in the window; 2 minutes before your appointment and you will be called in at your appointment time

- If you arrive early or late please call us at 519-265-8895 and dial “0” for reception

Physical Distancing within the therapy clinic: 

- Tables will be set up at safe distances and you will be asked to remain at your table unless otherwise asked

- Taped areas on the ground will indicate areas you may walk and stand

- Please ensure you are maintaining proper physical distance from our staff and other patients

How are we keeping our team safe? 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): 

- Our team will self declare their health status at the beginning of each day

- Our team will have their temperature taken at the beginning of each day

- Our team will be wearing scrubs; they will change into them when they arrive at work and they will be washed each evening

- Our team will be wearing face masks and protective eye gear

- Doctors will be required to wear gloves during certain parts of the exam

Disinfection Protocol: 

Cleaning and sanitizing: 

- Doctors and therapists will be required to sanitize their hands before, during and after exams as well as frequently throughout the day - Appointments have been set up to allow for thorough cleaning of the space and equipment between each patient

- All surfaces and equipment will be disinfected using supplies that comply with Ministry of Health and The College of Optometry COVID-19 guidelines

- Sanitization stations will be set up for ease of use

- Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized after each use

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