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The care and therapy has changed my son’s life


Excellent Doctor! Fantastic Staff. I saw reading difficulties with my son and had searched for answers to no avail until we saw Dr. Quaid. Everything he explained made complete sense. In the first 6 weeks of treatment my son's reading level increased 3 levels! Now he reads with ease above grade level. The care and therapy has changed my son's life. Highly recommend.

- Erika H, Google 2019

I highly recommend this therapy


My son was diagnosed by a psychologist with a cognitive processing disorder and I was told there was not much that could be done to help him. His psych ed assessment and vision therapy assessment both ranked him in the 5th percentile overall. Almost to the week, one year later, my son finished his last therapy session today testing in the 81st percentile overall. I could cry. I highly recommend this therapy. Staff and Dr. Quaid are fantastic. Tip: go to every appointment and do all your homework as assigned.

- Nancy H, Google 2019

Life is a lot better now!


I had vision issues due to a childhood concussion that went undiagnosed for years. I had a prism in one lens that was supposed to correct for my vision problems, but it was just a crutch. My brain needed to learn how to see properly again and Dr.Quaid and his staff were able to help me accomplish this. I now read much faster, spend less time re-focusing and my distance perception is much better. I also noticed that I have less anxiety and a much longer fuse. I used to be tired and grumpy at the end of the day from all the visual processing I had to do. This was definitely a learning experience for me. I had no clue my visual cortex was out of whack and I sure am glad VUE could help me fix it. Life is a lot better now! 🙂

- Brenda C, Google 2019

I continue to learn so much from the process of vision therapy


I continue to learn so much from the process of vision therapy. Like any activity involving exercise, diligence and practise, the pay offs of vision therapy far exceed any set of simple results. The positive effects to my health outweigh the cost significantly. Highly recommended. Period.

- Julie E, Google 2019

I can’t thank them enough for giving me my life back!


I suffered a brain injury in what seemed like a minor car accident, I didn't hit my head or lose consciousness. I had several issues that would not resolve - light sensitivity, headaches/blurriness when reading, I couldn't handle busy environments etc... These issues greatly affected my life. I couldn't work, drive, shop, listen to music, tolerate overhead lights etc... everything depleted my brain and my energy. After over a year of trying various treatments to get better and being told by more than one - so called professionals - that I would just have to learn to live with these issues and accept it as my "new normal" - I was told about Guelph Vision Therapy Center now known as VUE Cubed. They changed my Life!

Some key things that they determined from my assessment were that I had lost a lot of my peripheral vision and that my brain couldn't make one image of what my two eyes were seeing so it just suppressed / cut out what one of the eyes was seeing. These issues were causing so many symptoms that no one else could explain. I want to point out that I was not aware that I had lost peripheral vision or that my brain was suppressing what one eye saw - I just had a wonky feeling and didn't know why. I began once a week vision therapy sessions and did about 5-10 minutes of daily vision therapy exercises at home. I am so Happy to say that over the course of 11 months I gradually improved and all of my vision / brain processing issues have resolved!

I would highly recommend VUE Cubed Vision Therapy to anyone with unresolved issues following a brain injury. Dr. MacKenzie and my vision therapist were very knowledgeable & friendly - they explained my symptoms & the exercises in a way that I could understand and they helped me to resolve my issues and be me again. I can't Thank them enough for giving me my Life back!

- Christine L, Google 2019

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