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Adults and BVD

Adults and Binocular Vision Dysfunction – VUE Vision Therapy Center in Guelph

Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) causes a variety of symptoms in adults. Up to 70% of affected men and women with BVD suffer from persistent headaches, 30% suffer from anxiety, and 30% to 50% have persistent symptoms related to a concussion or traumatic brain injury. However, a typical visit to an eye doctor only determines how well each eye can see (known as visual acuity) and not how well the eyes work together as a team (known as binocular vision).

Furthermore, standard binocular vision eye tests only identify major eye misalignments and double vision, rather than subtle misalignments. Only a functional vision exam can diagnose the problems that can detrimentally affect quality-of-life by ensuring that all essential visual skills are working correctly. These include conditions such as double vision, and other problems that affect an individual’s neuro-visual processing.

Contact VUE Vision Therapy Center today for a functional eye exam, or visit us with your concerns, and we’ll determine the best course of action to treat your visual problems.

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