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Dr. Quaid is the best doctor I've ever had. I was having headaches and/or migraines every day before I started my therapy. I had brain fog and felt exhausted trying to process information at work and home every day. I had been suffering from post-concussion syndrome since 2016 with minimal progress. After working with Dr. Quaid's team this past year, my headaches have been greatly reduced to an average of 1/mo. My brain is back to fully processing information and I feel like I've finally "waken up" to the world again. Dr. Quaid has a teacher's heart and is excellent at easily and clearly explaining why I was feeling the way I was, what the issues were, and the roadmap to recovery. He was confident, resourceful, patient, and kind, and was able to empathize with my situation. I would highly recommend anyone to him!
3 days ago
- Rachel P.
I was first introduced to Vue3 by someone who brought their son for vision therapy and thought perhaps my son had the same issue. My son was having trouble in grade 1 with several behaviours that could have pointed to ADHD. Dr. Quaid was able to quickly identify that he had retained primitive reflexes (the first time I had heard of such a thing) and that one specifically would need to be integrated before switching to vision therapy. He went for about 12 months (cut slightly short due to covid closures) with 3 follow up appointments with Dr Quaid every 6 months after it ended. We have just completed those appointments and are happy to say that he doesn't need any more vision therapy! I am beyond grateful for my experience with Dr. Quaid and the Vue Cubed team for getting my son on a path to better visual health! Thank you!
3 weeks ago
- Jennifer C.
My daughter was complaining of headaches, concentration and vision issues at school. The optometrist felt she had no issues and didn’t need anything. Finally a mild prescription was issued anyway. The glasses didn’t help however so I took her to Vue Cubed Vision Therapy in Guelph where they did much more extensive testing. Approximately 8 months of weekly eye exercises and not only are her headaches and vision issues gone but she no longer needs glasses. Her focus at school is stronger as her eyes no longer are strained. This week was her last session and she was super sad it was over as the staff are beyond great and fun and she will miss her sessions!!! Highly recommend this therapy, worth every penny!
2 months ago
- Barbara M.
One of our children has been attending this clinic for vision therapy since July 2020. Their progress has been steady and for the last few months they are finally at a point that they can sit and read chapter books without tiring and getting frustrated. They are excited to have finished the therapy today and we appreciate the work the therapist and drs have done to keep us moving forward.
2 months ago
- Forkintheroad 6.
I was at a loss of trying to find someone in the medical field to help me with my post concussion symptoms. I finally came across VUE3 Guelph Eye Vision Therapy and gave them a call. They were so friendly and accommodating on the phone I immediately felt better and made an appointment for the initial assessment. I signed up for the year therapy. 56 weeks later I have completed my full year plus a month of Vision Therapy and my eyeballs feel great ! The staff and all of the therapists at VUE3 are very kind, patient and extremely knowledgable. They helped me along my journey encouraging me and comforting me along the way. I felt understood and validated with what I was feeling and going through. Thankyou to all the VUE3 staff and doctors for all of your help and encouragement over the year ! I am extremely happy and pleased with the therapy I received. And I know this will help me moving forward in the future. Thanks again VUE3
4 months ago
- Crystal H.
Dr Quaid and his staff are amazing! Not only does he listen he answers questions using language we can understand. Its not all about the money, he genuinely cares about his patients.
4 months ago
- Shelley B.
My daughter started showing signs of eye problems at age 3, and I had a very hard time getting anyone to take her issues seriously. I found VUE Cubed Vision Therapy and Dr. Quaid through Google, and she was assessed with extreme far sightedness and next to no 3D vision. She started therapy sessions at age 4; the program was modified to her developmental level, and breaks were incorporated to allow her to mature before moving on to the next phase. She loved all of the therapists she worked with, who were also great at explaining to us the at-home exercises. Dr. Quaid was an especially strong support when we were having difficulties with her school as a result of her vision troubles. After four years, she has graduated from the program with strong depth perception and tracking, whereas without therapy she likely would have lost vision in one of her eyes. We are all very grateful to Dr. Quaid and his team.
6 months ago
- Erin M.

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