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A very thorough and patient-friendly assessment, with lots of clarifying and question-answering. VERY much appreciated!
3 weeks ago
- Kim K.
Wowwww this clinic has just about changed my whole life since my concussion. I had my first assessment intro appointment yesterday. First off Dr. Quaide makes you feel so heard, seen and understood. I feel so supported and safe and really thought of. For once it wasn't just what textbook says but what I feel and experience. Huge big ups to Vue, the whole team!
4 weeks ago
- Kween K.
Dr. Rutman was so great with my daughter. She provided excellent insight into what’s going on with her eyes and next steps. Highly recommend!
1 month ago
- Buttertart B.
Great experience with Dr. Rutman. She was thorough and efficient. Definitely recommend!
2 months ago
- Laura C.
Professional, patient centered experience that offered a starting place of hope. Some of my issues have been lifelong. What a difference a single appointment made where you were seen and heard and had a plan of action. Thank you.
3 months ago
- Barbara M.
I went into his office with the hopes that he would figure out what is going on with me so I can get my life back, and I left his office, relieved and very hopeful
3 months ago
- Jackie B.
Dr. Patrick Quaid explained who he was, what he does and why he does it, with material that makes sense to everyone, even myself with a concussion. He was extremally thorough, listened to every detail, explained how it ties in, and had an example of it so you didn't feel alone. He was not just about of my eyes, but was about my dizziness, concussion, neck muscles, anxiety, he knows of therapies for things I didn't know could be fixed. Do yourself a favor and skip the maybe I should call. Call for their on the phone meet and greet and they will help you with what's next. Even if they are not for you, they send you where you need to go... so there's no wrong step here.
3 months ago
- Cathy B.

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