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I can’t thank them enough for giving me my life back!

I suffered a brain injury in what seemed like a minor car accident, I didn't hit my head or lose consciousness. I had several issues that would not resolve - light sensitivity, headaches/blurriness when reading, I couldn't handle busy environments etc... These issues greatly affected my life. I couldn't work, drive, shop, listen to music, tolerate overhead lights etc... everything depleted my brain and my energy. After over a year of trying various treatments to get better and being told by more than one - so called professionals - that I would just have to learn to live with these issues and accept it as my "new normal" - I was told about Guelph Vision Therapy Center now known as VUE Cubed. They changed my Life!

Some key things that they determined from my assessment were that I had lost a lot of my peripheral vision and that my brain couldn't make one image of what my two eyes were seeing so it just suppressed / cut out what one of the eyes was seeing. These issues were causing so many symptoms that no one else could explain. I want to point out that I was not aware that I had lost peripheral vision or that my brain was suppressing what one eye saw - I just had a wonky feeling and didn't know why. I began once a week vision therapy sessions and did about 5-10 minutes of daily vision therapy exercises at home. I am so Happy to say that over the course of 11 months I gradually improved and all of my vision / brain processing issues have resolved!

I would highly recommend VUE Cubed Vision Therapy to anyone with unresolved issues following a brain injury. Dr. MacKenzie and my vision therapist were very knowledgeable & friendly - they explained my symptoms & the exercises in a way that I could understand and they helped me to resolve my issues and be me again. I can't Thank them enough for giving me my Life back!

- Christine L, Google 2019

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