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Life is a lot better now!

I had vision issues due to a childhood concussion that went undiagnosed for years. I had a prism in one lens that was supposed to correct for my vision problems, but it was just a crutch. My brain needed to learn how to see properly again and Dr.Quaid and his staff were able to help me accomplish this. I now read much faster, spend less time re-focusing and my distance perception is much better. I also noticed that I have less anxiety and a much longer fuse. I used to be tired and grumpy at the end of the day from all the visual processing I had to do. This was definitely a learning experience for me. I had no clue my visual cortex was out of whack and I sure am glad VUE could help me fix it. Life is a lot better now! :)

- Brenda C, Google 2019

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