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Vision Therapy & Neuro Optometric Services in Guelph & North York, Ontario

Fortunately, Vision Therapy doesn’t succeed because of our efforts.

Peak visual performance is all from you!

Our vision relies on so many skills that go far beyond reading an eye chart. Tracking, motion, and fixation to name a few. Fortunately, our brain has the uncanny ability to fix itself.

Through our therapy program, our vision experts can retrain the undeveloped parts between your brain and vision.

Our vision therapists and eye doctors have studied and practiced vision therapy for numerous years, and we’ve guided numerous clinics across the world - let alone Canada - showing the efficacy of vision therapy & Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation.

Our hope is to ultimately teach you the tools and the knowledge needed to enjoy normal vision for the rest of your life, so you truly can enjoy the vue.

Vision Unlocked: Engage.Enhance.Empower.

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We’re Your Guide To Your Best Vision

Ever consider the cause behind dizziness, reading & learning problems, subpar athletic ability, or headaches is your vision? Our eyesight is one of the core processes used to learn and interpret the world around us. Any developmental delay or misalignment in vision will decrease your ability to learn & function normally.

Solving these symptoms alone is like scaling a mountain without a guide. Reaching your goals may feel impossible at times, especially when other professionals offer little to no direction. This is due to the fact that few people can identify a subtle visual condition needing treatment. However, your eye doctor at VUE Vision Therapy can help.


Meet with one of our highly trained doctors in Guelph & North York, Ontario for a visual assessment, where we can explore your medical history, perform diagnostic testing, and determine whether or not your symptoms are due to an underlying visual condition.


Being diagnosed with a visual condition means that you now have the opportunity to achieve normal, functional vision and treat the symptoms that have held you back for so long. After the assessment, our coordinators will review with you how vision would lead to so many symptoms and ensure you understand where treatment begins.


Vision therapy isn't from our expert guidance. Rather, it's your innate ability to change yourself. As you progress further, you'll become empowered and begin to access the vision that you always had. Your vision will no longer be that barrier in your life, so you can fully engage in the things you need, want, and love to do. Learn more about Vision Therapy and Neuro Optometric Services.

When Was The Last Time You
Visited Your Eye Doctor?

You only have one pair of eyes. Don't underestimate the importance of getting a routine eye exam, whether you need an updated prescription or not. Early detection and management of ocular diseases can prevent complications and serious vision loss down the line.

Let the optometric staff at VUE Vision Therapy protect you and your family's eye health today.

Excellent Vision In 3-Easy Steps At VUE Vision Therapy

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First Step:

Book an Appointment

You can do so online or call us at 519-265-8895 today! Our eye exams will vary from patient to patient, depending on the health of the individual and their visual needs.

Second Step:

Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

Dr. Patrick Quaid will determine your prescription for glasses and/or contact lenses and will evaluate your eyes for any eye diseases.

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Third Step:

Feel Confident About Your Eyewear Prescription

Feel confident and assured that your eyes are well taken care of. If you're in need of glasses or contact lenses, our dedicated staff will help you find your perfect fit.

Patients Testimonials...
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A very thorough and patient-friendly assessment, with lots of clarifying and question-answering. VERY much appreciated!
3 weeks ago
- Kim K.
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