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Our Vision

  • Our Vision is to Empower people and unlock human potential.
  • We use Vision Therapy to remove the negative stigma of failure by Enhancing natural curiosity.
  • We Engage and drive change through the passionate application of clinical research.

Every patient has the right to reach their natural potential. By listening, interacting and connecting with each patient as an individual, our multi-disciplinary team of professionals hopes to find customized solutions to previously un-solvable problems - whether the patient was born with their issue or it was acquired later in life.

The gift of sight is a fundamental part of interacting with the world around us. Being able to connect with and experience our environment requires more than simply reading 20/20 during an eye exam. Even with annual routine exams, many higher order problems can exist that impair the way we function in our environment.

The foundation of proper visual function starts with overall muscular coordination, moves through the use of the eyes as a team and ends with the brain interpreting what it sees. In fact, there are connections between the visual system and over 40% of the brain. Integrating health care professionals familiar with all portions of the involved systems is the key to success.

By going through the systems one step at a time the proper foundation for clear comfortable vision can be built where glasses and other treatments may not work.

Our Commitment

  • Our commitment is to graduate as many patients as possible.

Our facilities were designed from the ground up with the patient in mind. Each patient is included in their own care as a valued member of their health care team with focus on them as an individual as well as their needs as a patient.

By using proven evidence based techniques and approaching the visual and perceptual system in a holistic manner, we aim to find the source of the issue rather than just treating the symptoms. As such, we can develop long lasting relief of the problem with reduced chance of relapse.

Rehabilitation includes teaching each patient patient how to monitor their own condition, assess their level of progress and identify the biofeedback loops required to maintain their gains.

A patient has a problem, they are not a problem. Our team is committed to your success and the freedom to live your life as comfortably as possible.

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